Foto: Martin Kaufhold / „The English Theatre Frankfurt“

Last week the fifth and sixth graders of our „planets“ Pluto, Mars and Venus had the chance to travel to the English Theatre in Frankfurt to see the play “Huck Finn” based on the novel by Mark Twain. It was a great opportunity to have a vivid encounter with the English language in this setting.

Our students were guided by the actors who told them their story in their own peculiar Missourian accent. We were fascinated by the creative use of requisites such as a raft that was quickly turned into a house, and by the actors’ swift costume changes to adopt multiple roles. An authentic atmosphere was also created by the change of light, the addition of bangs and other sound effects accompanied by the sad songs sung by Jim, the runaway slave.

We are really pleased to have been able to offer this memorable excursion to our students.

You can find information on the plays for young audiences here:

Alejandra Olmos, Corey Meiringer, Ruth Lübke